We entered the crowded church to a quiet piece of music. David McCarthy then went to the lectern and sang “Father In My Life I See”. The ceremony began. All the songs were harmonized beautifully by our musical teacher Mrs. O’ Donovan and a group of boys.

At the start it was a normal mass but halfway through, the rite of Confirmation began. We sang “City of God, Holy Spirit of Fire and The Cloud’s Veil.” During the rite we knelt in front of the Monsignor Kevin O’ Callaghan and were marked by the chrism.

Our sponsors put their hands on our shoulders. The Monsignor then called us by our Confirmation names. At the end of the mass we all walked up on to the altar and sang “You Raise Me Up” and “Eagles Wings” Many of us read a reading or prayer throughout the mass. During the mass the Monsignor told us about his trip to Africa and not to drink till we are 21 years old and never to smoke or take drugs. It was a lovely day overall.

By David and Seán

Our Confirmation by David, Evan and Peter

It all started two weeks before the 23rd of March 2009. We practised and practised our hymns and songs until we were spot on. On our big day we realised that practise makes perfect as we sang like ángles’. David opened the ceremony with ‘Father In My Life I See’. Later in the ceremony we sang more hymns and were then confirmed by Monsignor Kevin O’Callaghan. At the end of the ceremony we had an emphatic finish by singing Ýou Raise Me Up’as we stood on the altar. As we were singing people gathered around to take pictures of us.

The ceremony was attended by our parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. After the ceremony we gathered outside the church to chat with relations, friends and fellow pupils. Later we dispersed and headed off in various directions for our confirmation meal. Some of us went to Lee Valley, more of us to the Bridge Restaurant and various other places. Some of us had dinner at home prepared for us by our parents or relatives.

Our Confirmation Day was brilliant and was enjoyed by all 56 boys who made their Confirmation that day. We think that the day will never be forgotten by any of us.

Bhí lá iontach deas againn. Bhain gach éinne taitneamh as

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